´╗┐ r e - c r e a t i o n
about re-creation
The magic of photography offers the stunning possibility to re-create reality. It allows to show a tiny piece of how a photographer perceives the people around him, the events happening and of course his life, in a very personal yet distant way. Subsequently, this re-creation is interpreted again by the beholder, only slightly guided by the photographers original intentions, and transformed again into a unique individual perspective. Welcome to my personal re-creation of reality ...
about me
male · 1980 · living in vienna · austria · two great sisters · love pistachios · a lot of questions · · enjoy photography · black & white · travelling · spain · afternoon nap · badminton · rowing · like to watch films & tv series · due south · finding neverland · ...
about essentials
This site is running based on the essentials framework, allowing to show selected images in a very simple and reduced way. It was developed by Robert Pollai (www.the-ninth.com) and me. In addition the following 3rd party tools were used: doctrine · reCAPTCHA